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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1974210701267483262607997Brad LagerewskijMacKillop Belta's2017/2018KSCA T20 Super Bash - 3rd Grade1 1Sandford
2878997151267483261592887Max WestonMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade3 1Campania
3868997151267483262607986*Max WestonMacKillop Belta's2017/2018KSCA T20 Super Bash - 3rd Grade1 1Sandford
4831446501267483261592683Simon WhitmoreMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade2 1Marquis Tigers
5692586901267483274751869Reece e DavidsonMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 8th Grade10 1Wellington
6644210701267483261592064Brad LagerewskijMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade1 1New Norfolk
7624210701267483264953362Brad LagerewskijMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd GradeSF 1Marquis Tigers
8624210701267483261594962Brad LagerewskijMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade8 1New Norfolk
9614203011267483261592861Jack MulderMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade3 1Campania
10594210701267483261594259*Brad LagerewskijMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade6 1Montagu Bay Sharks
11594203011267483262608359*Jack MulderMacKillop Belta's2017/2018KSCA T20 Super Bash - 3rd Grade2 1Montagu Bay Sharks
12542586901267483274752154Reece e DavidsonMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 8th Grade11 1Montagu Bay Sharks
13541382261267483262608354Michael W HutchisonMacKillop Belta's2017/2018KSCA T20 Super Bash - 3rd Grade2 1Montagu Bay Sharks
14548204131267483262633554Nigel EavesMacKillop Belta's2017/2018KSCA T20 Super Bash - 8th Grade1 1Montagu Bay Sharks
15512586901267483274750251Reece e DavidsonMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 8th Grade6 1Sorell
16518204131267483261596851*Nigel EavesMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade13 1Montagu Bay Sharks
17514210701267483261592851Brad LagerewskijMacKillop Beltas2017/2018KSCA 3rd Grade3 1Campania
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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